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We have seen your interest in our sign so we decided to share it with you! Whether you have problems with people peeing on your property or you just want to print it and hang it somewhere.

Just do it!

Sign originated from a hotel in Mikulov, South Moravia, Czech republic as a fun way to tell people not to pee on our walls. Like thats something you need to tell people. But unfortunately you do.

Don't piss

Mikulov is one of the most beautiful places in the Czech republic or Europe for that matter. Very attractive for tourists. We want to keep it this way, clean and beautiful for every visitor. Here is a picture.


Sign is free to download for non commercial use. We hope it helps you to stop people from peeing on your house or business. Or just entertain your friends and neighbors.

Download your pee sign now!

However if you like it, you can donate to support us! And share this site to provide this humorous sign to everyone who needs it.

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